I have fun with computers

I am a PhD student at Rice University advised by Anshumali Shrivastava in the electrical engineering department. Even though I'm supposed to be an electrical engineer, it's been years since I've touched a soldering iron in a professional context. These days, I do research and software engineering for machine learning at scale, with a focus on randomized algorithms (i.e. make it faster with math) and compression (i.e. make it smaller with math).

My goal for this blog is to make my work more accessible to practitioners and researchers outside my area. Most machine learning research articles are written in a formal style for an expert audience. This format is great for delivering lots of detailed technical information, but it's not very useful when you just want to communicate the main ideas.

My definition of fun includes real analysis and combinatorics, but I'm also into cycling, volleyball and cooking. Feel free to contact me at brc7 [at] rice [dot] edu with questions, suggestions or feedback.